Piano Tuition and Fees
May 24, 2021 - May 19, 2022

Tuition is due in advance, at the first lesson of each month or quarter and may be paid in twelve monthly or four quarterly payments.

Young Beginners "Checking Out Piano"
For Grades K-2 only                  $250
Includes six weeks of 30-minute lessons and beginner books. Upon completion of the six weeks, families have the option of joining the studio. At that time a $50 materials account payment will be added to the first monthly or quarterly tuition.

School-age Students
Annual tuition includes thirty-six weeks of instruction. 
30-minute lessons                     $1320
        $110/month or $330/quarter
45-minute lessons                     $1980
        $165/month or $495/quarter
60-minute lessons                     $2580
        $215/month or $645/quarter

Active High School and Adult
Beginners through advanced.
45-minute lessons (beginner to intermediate)
60-minute lessons (intermediate to advanced)
75-minute lessons (advanced)

Fees and Credits
New Student Enrollment and Materials Fee - $90
Materials Accounts are maintained at $50 per student, to be replenished quarterly.
Late fee (15 days past due date) - $35
Returned Check Fee - $35
Credit for paying by check - $5/month/student, credited quarterly
Referral Bonus - $50

​Page updated 6/14/2021