Regular attendance is necessary for consistent progress. No tuition credits or make-up lessons are given. The schedule includes one bonus week, which covers teacher or student absences and/or weather-related studio closures. Students on the Active High School and Adult Student plan may cancel a lesson for cause with a minimum 24-hour notice. Lack of practice is not acceptable cause.
Please do not bring your child to the studio if they are unwell. If they have a cold but feel up to it, an online lesson can be arranged, even with short notice.
Your Piano
Please provide a well-tuned and cared-for acoustic piano, placed in a location conducive to concentration (not necessarily isolated). Help your child by working with them to establish a regular time for the daily practice. Recommendations for Tuners and Piano Stores are below. Pianos keep their tuning best when tuned twice each year.

A commitment to consistent, uninterrupted practice time is important for the best progress. All students are expected to practice at least five days per week, with an emphasis on goals rather than time. For retention, it is important to schedule a practice session within 24 hours following the lesson. Although the student is primarily responsible, parents must accept their responsibility in seeing to it that the student has time to practice regularly. Very young students often need more parental supervision and coaching for successful practice.

Do you need a new (to you) acoustic piano?
I recommend these local stores - 
Portland Piano Company (ask for Brenda Kell) 
Classic Pianos (ask for Jill Timmons)
Michelle's Piano Company
Does Your acoustic piano need tuning?
I recommend these Piano Technicians Guild Registered Piano Technicians:
Eric Leatha, 503-971-1725 (text) (email) 
Taylor Mackinnon, 503-648-5247 (phone)

Page updated 6/14/2021